Who We Are

Phinessè Farms is a family owned vineyard/orchard located on 35 acres in beautiful northeast Texas. The owners, Phil and Vanessa, full of love and excitement, honeymooned on their farm, thus the beginning of the journey. In 2008, Phinessè decided to put in a small vineyard and orchard as a hobby. The climate and soil of the region has proven perfect for growing the Noble and Magnolia muscadine grapes, blackberries, and peaches. With passion, hard work, and divine intervention, Phinessè Farms has expanded to 3 full acres of muscadine trellises and fruit trees.

Phinessè Farms currently produces muscadine powder from the skins and seeds. Research has shown tremendous health benefits associated with the muscadine grape with the highest concentrations of antioxidants in the skins and seeds. The muscadine powder is sun-dried skins and seeds then mill ground into a fine powder. One half teaspoon a day of this healthy gift of nature gives the body a healthy dose of antioxidants for helping to fight many ailments. Review the research on the web and determine for yourself if muscadine powder may be right for you. If so, consider purchasing our product here at Phinessè Farms. Just pure muscadine skin and seed powder with no fillers.

Our finest wines range from sweet fruity blends and ports, to dry reds and whites. Experimenting as a hobby for several years, we have developed some unique wines starting with our Phinessè Farms trademark wine Noblianti. Enjoy your favorite, and if not, let's experiment. Water To Wine.

Our winery is now located at 223 Main Street downtown Sulphur Springs TX, where you will have a fantastic time at all the local restaurants. Don't forget to Join Phinessè Farms exclusive Noble Vintage wine club today! Noble Vintage is a select wine club providing (members only) reserve and exclusive designer wines and port dessert wines triannually.